Lectures, courses & workshops

After a full day workshop in Mexico City 2018


Through Swiss Dental Marketing, Daniel Izquierdo-Hänni offers advanced training resources for dental professionals. Form and formats depend on the requirements of the company, type of event, duration, target group, number of participants or educational goals.


Speeches about dental marketing and patient communication topics, previously agreed upon with the client. These lectures offer an additional perspective and value for dental congresses, client events or trade fairs/exhibitions.


Short speeches (45 – 60 minutes) on special topics such as “Emotional Dentistry”, transmitting an additional perspective to all kind of dental events.


Designed as frontal lectures for a larger audience. Half day or full day options are available.


Highly interactive full day course, including short team exercises or role playing. Limited number of participants to guarantee the involvement of all those taking part.


Training day for the entire team of a dental practice. Content and education objectives agreed upon with the client/dental practice owner. Highly effective for teambuilding.


Series of advanced training days over a longer period of time. Developed according to the clients’ needs and guidelines.


Regardless of geography and time, Skype Dental Coaching offers individual, face-to-face coaching, allowing a live and interactive dialogue.


Selection of topics for lectures and courses…

  • Dental practice marketing: pain or gain?
  • Emotional Dentistry: the importance of dental patients’ feelings
  • How to improve the acceptance of statement of costs
  • Brand experience at the dental practice
  • Patient communication: how to establish a convincing dialogue
  • HR-Management and leadership in dentistry
  • The dental patient as the key to success
  • Why my dental practice? How to develop a unique market position and differentiation
  • The complaint as an opportunity to reinforce patient loyalty.