About Daniel & Swiss Dental Marketing

More than 30 years of marketing experience

Born and raised in Switzerland, Daniel Izquierdo-Hänni is an experienced marketing and communication specialist. For twenty years he has been working in the advertising, PR and event business in Zurich and Basle, working with clients ranging from companies in the telecommunication, banking, nutrition and leisure industries, to NGOs and official entities.

In 2005 he moved to Valencia, Spain, where he founded www.swissmarketingspain.com, offering market and marketing support for foreign companies in Spain. Curaden Swiss, the leading company in oral healthcare, contracted Daniel to run their subsidiary company. During these years he has come to know the dental business, visiting dentists, working with dental distributors and companies and attending national and international events and exhibitions such as EuroPerio and IDS Cologne.

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Spain’s dental practices encounter very strong competition, as dental franchises and retailers develop aggressive advertising campaigns. Many of the dentists Daniel visited asked him for advice. In response to these concerns, he created Swiss Dental Marketing with the goal of offering marketing and communications knowledge focussed on the needs of dental practice owners and collaborators.

Since 2010 Daniel Izquierdo-Hänni has made a name for himself as a lecturer, collaborating with universities, dental colleges and the dental industries in Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Mexico. His articles and books, written in both German and Spanish, have been published in various countries in Europe and Latin America.

As Daniel says “Marketing is a very complex part of economics. Whether I am writing articles and books or giving speeches and running workshops, my objective is always to impart a knowhow transfer that’s highly focussed on the real needs of dental practices, doing so in a perfectly understandable way; not highbrow, but realistic and pragmatic”. 

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To establish contact with Daniel you can do it by sending an email to “info(at)swissdentalmarketing.com” or through his Linkedin-Account.