Transmitting knowledge for more than ten years

Short review of the past years…


>>> 2021 <<<

Four one hour on-demand lectures about dental marketing for “Fortbildung Rosenberg”, leading advanced vocational training company for dentists in Switzerland.


>>> 2020 <<<

Several live webinars for Straumann Group focussed on their emerging markets,
participants from countries as Australia, Jordania, Turkey or South Africa.



>>> 2019 <<<

Dental marketing crash course in Chur, Switzerland,
requested by the regional dentist association


>>> 2018 <<<

Lectures and workshops in Mexico-City, organized by Straumann & ITI Mexico


>>> 2017 <<<

First appearance/workshop in Vienna, hosted by Pluradent Austria


>>> 2016 <<<

In-clinic workshop at Adent dental clinics in Lausanne


>>> 2015 <<<

Lecturer at the Nobel Biocare (Switzerland) annual meeting


>>> 2014 <<<

Collaboration with “Spitta”, Germany’s leading dental editorial,
writing a book and lecturing live webinars


>>> 2013 <<<

Several workshops in Majorca, Spain



>>> 2012 <<<

Starting collaboration with Straumann Switzerland


>>> 2011 <<<

Workshops for Nobel Biocare in Barcelona and in Zurich


>>> 2010 <<<

First articles about dental practice marketing and patient communication,
published in Spain and Germany